Steve Flanigan
Director of Photography 
No Ordinary DP 

Steve is a national award-winning producer/director/ director of photography with decades of experience in feature films, TV documentaries, commercials, multi-cam, long form films, and High Definition Productions. His film making trips have taken him to Mexico, Central America, Israel, Egypt, Asia, Europe, Ireland, Ethiopia, Turkey and all over the U.S. He is the President of Producers Group Studios. In addition to his history as a Film Producer and well-known Director of Photography, he is a celebrated lecturer at many Universities throughout the US. As a business leader, he was a founding member of the MPG, was elected in 2003 as the Businessman of the Year, 2004 to the Business Advisory Council. He also serves the community as a youth coach for soccer, basketball, and football teams.

                On Location in Turkey

He is often called on as a Producer/ DP to oversee very difficult crew assignments internationally. He is renowned for his “location books” which isolate and identify minute details at every shooting location including pre-schedules, multi-cam team placement, sun positions and shooting logistics. He is a team player, easily accessible to crew and executives. That is what makes him a natural go-to guy as a technical visual and logistics consultant. His clients rely on his expertise for cost effective production strategy, technical design, visual interpretation, and logistics coordination. As a consultant he has built studios, designed hi-tech and low-tech lighting, created visual styles, designed work flow, matched scenes from previous films, supervised post production, managed crew movement, negotiated international contracts, navigated international relations, and has built a network of working professionals




Portage GlacierFeature Spirits35mm National Shoot

Crew ManhattanAI Calm before the stormDirecting the AI  Ladies

                              EP De Williams and I sizing up the shots

 location WPon locationBroadmoor Golf  photo Tiffany Ross

Throughout, the lighting is phenomenal. Steve, you are true professionals, thing among many, the lighting work. I love the way the exterior is house is so brilliantly looming; and the shadows in the interior scenes is nothing short of Ridley Scott.                                                                                                                            Bob Liparulo  Author Dreamhouse Kings
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Producers Group Studios was founded with my business partner in 1978 and incorporated in 1980. We have a long and successful 30 plus year track record in the film, digital and HD production business.  In the past 3 decades, PGS has produced and co-produced hundreds of films, commercials, and feature films from the low budget to the multi-million dollar extravaganzas. Our vast experience in the business is an untapped fountain of information to those who are ready to put their hard-earned money to use. Our letters of recommendations come from all genres of production: the Air Force, the Army, the investor, the fortune 500 companies, as well as advertising agencies. The hundreds of national and regional awards have saved us untold amounts of money redecorating our offices with paint and wallpaper.
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Our eagerness to please our clients is the same as it was when we started 30 years ago